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Mac Travelogue 360 Pari

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Model No :Mac Travelogue 360 Pari

Product Description
Mac Travelogue 360 Pari One of my favorite cities is Paris and Mac hidden objects game Travelogue 360 Paris took me back to the wonderful sites and sounds of that town in their game. Travelogue 360 magazine will pay you to visit this exciting city of lights if you research and write about it for the publication.

The usual hidden object single scene at a time is replaced with a 360-degree view of a location. You can also look up to the sky, down at your feet, zoom in and out to search for items listed at the bottom right. If you are prone to carsickness, you may want to reconsider playing this game, but I got acclimated quite quickly so give it a try. It?s like playing Jigsaw 360-NYC.

The play is enhanced by the 360 view and you get to see this scene by using the compass to move all around using your mouse or cursor. The zoom gauge is located next to the compass at the bottom. Finding the objects are not difficult but you do need to search completely around the area. You begin either at the Champs-Elysees or at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower.

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